Sunday, December 31, 2006

Ask The Designer! Issue #1

I received our first "Ask a Designer" question today! And it was such a good one! I am so glad to answer it!

Cherryl in Piedmont, ND, asks:

Q. Hey Girls from RagazzaBella, I was wondering, what your plans for the new year are as far as your business goes, and do you have any resolutions? Happy New Year, Cherryl.

A. Thank you for your Question Cherryl! We have so much planned for the New Year! Its going to be very exciting! We are releasing our first organized line for Spring in January! It will be on our NEW Website ( which will also open in Jan. We are using tons of really fun fabrics for our "RagBell Jeans" as well as shirred tops, hand painted shirts, and accessories galore!

As far as resolutions, I would rather say, "Goals" (hehe). We just want our line to be successful, and are hoping that 2007 will be "The Year" for that! We are working very hard to get our brand recognized by the general public, and hope to have our items in more local boutiques as well as around the Country!

Thank you Cherryl!! What a cool question!
Remember, you can write us your "Ask the Designer" question, and we would be more than happy to answer it! Just send in your question to

Thanks everyone and have a WONDERFUL New Year!!!

--Terry and Nikki

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