Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We need girls who's mommies can provide excellent photography, preferably outdoors!
We are searching for Girls in the following Age Groups:
18-24 mon.
Girls of all looks and ethnicity's are encouraged to send in pictures!
Please send NO MORE than 3 photos to RBcouture@yahoo.com
(please try to include a head shot, and full body shot)
along with your daughters age, size, and Name!
Also include info on locations that your have available in your area, so we can get an idea of who can model what!
Thanks for your time, and best of luck to everyone!
--Nikki and Terry
Owners: Ragazza Bella Couture

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Boutique Cafe is packing up the studio and taking it on the Road!

Join Daria, Megan, Amelia and Emily from Boutique Cafe for an all girls weekend in Salt Lake City this April.

The Ladies from Ragazza Bella will be there Also!! This opportunity is for Designers, Buyers, and listeners of Boutique Cafe! But Remember, its a GIRLS ONLY weekend!!

We will Shop, Gab, and tape exclusive interviews! So pack your bags and come along for the ride! Because remember, what happens in Utah, stays in Utah! SEE YOU THERE!!!

Sewing MADNESS!! and MODELS!!!!

We have been Creating like CRAZY!!! And we cant belive we have made so many pieces in so little time! I think we are going to get carpal tunnel from shirring! lol But the line looks beautiful! We decided to postpone our opening (see lower post), until Feb. So that we could offer more variety! So thats exactally what we have been doing!! We are dying with anticipation to see everything modeled!!

And SPEAKING of our Models!! We would like to formally introduce everyone on our Blog!
The models for Ragazza Bella's Spring/Summer 2007 Line are:

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I LOVE Giveaways!!

Hey Everyone!! We are going to try something new! We are getting so many great responces to our "Ask The Designer" Section, and our "Tip your Tiara" feature, that we want to reward all of our wonderful viewers! So we are going to start a giveaway!

Here is how it works!! If you have a question you would like to ask the designers, send it in to

RBcouture@yahoo.com. If your question is featured, you will recieve a special gift from the girls at Ragazza Bella! The gift will be different for everyone! I love the element of surprise! ;)

Also, if you are a featured "Tip your Tiara" star, then we send a little something for you to add to your Media Features!

So Hurry and get those questions in! We cant wait to answer them!! ;)

--The Bellas, Nikki and Terry

Tip Your Tiara Issue #3

Welcome to The Tip Your Tiara Issue #3!

This week we are Tipping our Tiara's to a VERY special lady! She has Changed the ENTIRE Boutique Community! Her wonderful website brings everyone one step closer to designers than anyone ever has before! Thats right, Im talking about DARIA from Boutique Cafe!!

Since its Launch in September of 2005, Boutique Cafe has offered Designers and Buyers alike a chance to get out there and get known on a whole different level! People say that they feel as if they "know" these designers because now they can put a voice to a face! Its a very cool experience!

She has interviewed some of Ebay's TOP sellers and Models! From Sophie and Lark, Tons of Groups and their members, MANY talented designers, photographers, and even celebrities! And, Yours Truly! We have actually appeared on Boutique Cafe THREE times and counting! We just LOVE chatting with Daria! And even though there are months between our conversations, We always feel as though we are chatting with an old friend! She is just wonderful!

If you have never checked out Boutique Cafe (WHERE ARE YOU LIVING?!) then simply travel on over to www.boutiquecafe.com and listen to a pod cast or two!

There is also a WONDERFUL Chat Forum where you can hook up with other talented mommies and chat about real life, business, and all things Couture!

You can always find us chatting in the Hot Moms Section! :)

So this week we Tip our Tiaras to you DARIA!!! You have truly inspired so many people, and you continue to use your talent, whit, and charm to bring us the latest news in all things Boutique, and you always leave us wanting a refill on our Cup of Couture! ;) Cheers!
OH!!! And if you want to hear the girls from Ragazza Bella on Boutique Cafe, simply click one of the links below for our shows!!
12 Days of Christmas (11-27-05): http://www.boutiquecafe.com/home/?p=77
Valentines Day (2-14-06): http://www.boutiquecafe.com/home/?p=112
12 Days of Christmas Season 2 (11-28-06): http://www.boutiquecafe.com/home/?p=419

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Thats right!! We're Expecting!
Haha! we gotcha! But I did make you look didn't I?
Ragazza Bella has pushed back our Launch Date to February so we can offer even MORE couture! That means more collections and more selection!
The website is being built as we speak, and is looking BETTER than EVER! To visit our teaser page, just visit
--the Bella's (Terry and Nikki)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Tip Your Tiara Issue #2

This week we are Tipping our Tiara to Jeramie from Richie*Rags (http://tinyurl.com/y626pc)
Her designs are so cute and fresh, not to mention her wonderful heart!

After working with her for several launches with my privious Group, I have come to know her as an amazing woman with unlimited creative ability!

Jeramie is also a mom to four beautiful children! I honestly dont know how she does it!!

You can check out all of her wonderful Auctions here:
My Fave is her funky punk valentines! VERY cute!
So this week, we Tip Our Tiara to you Jeramie! Keep on sewin' girl! ;)

If you or your group would like to be featured in this section, or if you would like to nominate someone for our "Tip Your Tiara" article, please email us at
thedesigningwomen@yahoo.comPlease include an ebay ID or Website Link, as well as a first name and contact information!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bye, Bye, Bye!

Hey everyone! I just thought I would let everyone in on some news.

After much consideration and long hours of prayer, we have decided to leave

our Ebay designing Group, StudioR. We are very sad about our decision, but

we have to do what is best for our business, and we feel like we need to

focus more on our website and local sales, and take a leave from ebay for a while.

We have been so blessed to work with such wonderful women!

It has been both an honor and a privilege! I wish all of them only the best

in their future! I know they will all do great! Thank you girls for letting us

join you, and make some wonderful friendships!

Now Mingling Single,

The Bellas,

Nikki and Terry

Monday, January 8, 2007

Ask The Designer Issue #2

Wow! What a response we received for the ask the designer section! It was REALLY hard to pick just one!

Our Question this week comes from Leslie, from Schenectady, NY asks:

Q. Dear Terry and Nikki, I am glad to have found your Blog after hearing your interview on BoutiqueCafe. I am very anxious to see your new Spring line, and was wondering what size range you will be offering, and what the overall theme of the line will be? Thank you.

A. Hey Leslie! Oh! I am so excited to answer your questions! Our Spring Launch is looking very promising! As for our size range, we will be offering toddler sizes 18mon. through 5T and a girls size 6! Our over all look is fresh and vibrant! We are trying to add a "Funky Feminine Flair"!

We are using all designer fabrics in fun and funky patterns! We just want to offer fun everyday clothing that gets your little one noticed!! Thanks for your Question!


Remember, you can write us your "Ask the Designer" question, and we would be more than happy to answer it! Just send in your question to thedesigningwomen@yahoo.com

Terry and Nikki

Monday, January 1, 2007

Tip Your Tiara Issue #1

Wow! This new year is starting off great on the Blog! And since we already have our first Ask The Designer question, I thought I would search out for our First "Tip Your Tiara" feature!

This section will be dedicated to wonderful designers, photographers, accessory makers, designing Groups, and people who have changed the Boutique Community!
First Up!! The woman that has inspired me alot these last few years! Amelia, from Sweet Feet Boutique!

Amelia is such a great Designer, Mother, Photographer, and Friend! She has an amazing eye for fashion that reflects not only in her own style, but in her boutique line as well. I continually search her Auctions and am in awe over her designs!

Her Current Auction, "Cocoa Lime" (http://tinyurl.com/yhdveo) , has such a wonderful whimsical style, like a cool fresh breeze on some tropical island!
Amelia's taste for fabric parings are second to none! And this set is no exception!
So if your in the Market for super cute Couture with a fun and classic style, search Sweet_feet_boutique on ebay, and check her out!
She also has a Blog you can check out! (http://ameliasfb.blogspot.com/)
So we Tip Our Tiara to You Amelia! Thank you for inspiring a whole new look
in Childrens Couture!!
If you or your group would like to be featured in this section, or if you would like to nominate someone for our "Tip Your Tiara" article, please email us at thedesigningwomen@yahoo.com
Please include an ebay ID or Website Link, as well as a first name and contact information!