Monday, August 27, 2007

The World of First's!!

Well today was full of firsts. Lagan started Kindergarten, and got her FIRST HAIRCUT!! I cant believe it! Shes growing up way too fast!
So here are some pictures from our first day of school, and our First hair cut!!

And her is our new BIG GIRL hair cut!! *Tear!!*

Doesn't she look all grown up?!?! I am just dying! I will get a better picture soon so you can see it! :) And it all starts again tomorrow...............

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Are you feeling SassE??

Our new design group, SassE, has a new look to their blog! Nikki is now in charge of the SassE blog so you can keep up with new trends, hip auctions, new designers, fun groups, and all things fashionably SassE!!

We will also be announcing new launches and updates on the groups, as well as member interviews!

So get Sassy with SassE boutique!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Where are the Gazza Girls?!

Alright, so we have neglected our blog lately! But its all for a good reason!
We have been spending tons of time with Lagan because she starts KINDERGARTEN on Monday! we got to meet her new teacher today, unpack school supplies, and see whats for lunch! hehe
Her student teacher even said, "Wow! Look at your outfit! Its all about the clothes isnt it?!" She even asked if Lagans outfit came in a "Big Girl" size! lol too cute! I wish it was one of ours, but it was just some Target stuff from the "Yes" Brand!

Does Anyone else love this brand as much as we do??!? Gosh! I think its adorable! You can check out all of their stuff here!

I could just buy the ENTIRE fall line from them, and Im sure I will , Lagan just loves their "fashion" as she calls it!

So anyway, we will be back in a few days with a new set, some more boutique news, and more chat! Everyone have a great week!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lets Talk Bows........

Hair Bows that is...............

Lagan has decided to retire her hairbows! :( So we have decided to put them into lots and sell them on ebay! ;) You can find lagans collection of hair bows HERE or search RagazzaBella on ebay! ;) There are three lots, so make sure you check them all out! ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Do you have a fabric obsession?

We certainly do! And that has led to hundreds of yards of un-used fabric in our studio!!

So we are clearing out tons of this fabric and you can get your happy little hands on it!

All of the fabric is priced at $3.00 a yard!! WHAT A STEAL!! The prices are listed on all of the pictures, so you can see how much it is!

If you are interested in anything you can comment on this post or email us at

to see all the fabric up for grabs, just CLICK HERE!!
(this link will be updated every time a fabric sells!!)

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Back on Ebay Launch!!!

And Our first launch with our new group SassE!! We were so excited to do the "FALL in love with SassE" launch for this month.

The set we designed is called "Skulls and Roses"!

Thanks for checking it out!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Power of Four

My Friend Carole has appointed me the task of telling 4 things about me through a few questions! This was so much fun Carole, thanks!! :)

Four Jobs I Have Had:

Long John Silvers Cashier (when I was like 17!!)
Loan Assistant at a Bank
Pre-School Teacher

Four Films I Can Watch Over & Over:

Double Jeopardy (Love Ashley Judd!)
Premonition (LOVE Sandra Bullock!)
Bye Bye Birdy!
Grease (OH!! LOVE John Travolta!)

Four Places I have lived:

San Antonio, Texas
Washington DC
Huge Brick house I grew up in
My little cottage I live in now (but soon to be up for sale!!!!)

Four Favorite TV shows:

Court TV (Psychic Detectives and Forensic Files are my FAVE!!)
Anything on HGTV (LOVE Designed to Sell)
Rachel Ray and Oprah Tie!

Four Favorite Foods:

Baked Potatoes
Peanut Butter
A Big Fat Juicy Steak, Medium Rare! MMMM.......

Four Websites I visit every day:

Yahoo for Email
My Bank's Website! (gotta make sure Im covered for all my Fabric purchases)

Four Places I Would Love To Be:

New York
New York
New York
New York (dang, that was a hard one!)

Four Favorite Colors:

Sea Foam Green
Burnt Yellow

Four Names You Love But Would/Could Not Use For Your Child:


Now I have to tag 4 more people, but I dont know 4 people, so I will tag as many as I can! hehe
First is my daughter Brittany! Second is my other Daughter Nikki! (darn thats all my relatives!)
Then Bobbie and Lisa! :)

Hey!! Look at that! I DO know 4 people! :)

Thursday, August 2, 2007

what a Wonderful World

The website is FINALLY up!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! is officially ready for viewing and will be updated regularly!
So go ahead and check it out and we will let you know when more updates are available!

I spot a Resell!!

Wow! This was so cool! We spotted a resale of our very first outfit ever made by Ragazza Bella!!!