Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Dont Do It!!!

Wow! I have come across a GREAT challange! I have been tagged by my Friend Morgan to be complaint free for 21 DAYS!!

Can I go for 21 days without complaining?

I guess we'll see! Can YOU? Here's what you need to do:

1. Click on Beki's blog to order a free purple Complaint Free bracelet.

2. Tag at least 3 people and spread the word. Challenge them to participate.

3. Sign the Mr. Linky On Beki's Blog so we can see how far this goes!

4. The final step, and most important. STOP COMPLAINING!

You put your bracelet on and any time you catch yourself
complaining you must switch it to the opposite wrist.
The goal is to go 21 days without switching it.
If you switch it, your 21 days starts all over again.

Scientists say it takes 21 days to break a habit and create a new one.
Can you do it?!

I have also tagged my ENTIRE Bible study class!
Over 60 women to start this movement!

See how much of a difference this makes in your life, and post your comments!
I cant wait to see how different our lives will be at the end of this challenge!
I am Tagging Priscilla, Lisa, and Crystal! Get working girls!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Clicking Spree!!!

Its clicking spree day over on Boutique Cafe!! There are some AWESOME prizes this time, so stop on by, give it a click, post about your fave links, and win a prize!! (Wow! Great run on sentence Nikki! lol)

Some of my faves were the Sudz N Bubbles Ad and Haute Sundae ad for Blossom Leigh!

And as an ADDED BONUS!! You can WIN on our blog too!! Just post a comment in our comments section of this post about some of your fave links on boutique cafe!

We will draw a winner for the prize right after the clicking spree!!

Good luck, and thanks for stopping by!!!

--Nikki and Terry

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tip Your Tiara: Issue 4

Ok, so I know we havent had one in a while, but we are finally getting our act together! hehe

The reason we haven't had a "TYT" in a while, is that we were having such a hard time deciding on who to feature! When *DING* one of our great friends, and a VERY talented designer, Lisa from "Iza Bella" came to mind. We just love Lisa and her design eye! She has some of the cutest lines available on her website ( Her spring line, which is now available, is based off of a Spring in the Hamptons.

Lisa uses vintage inspired fabrics to make super cute and ultra feminine clothing. Not to mention that she offers shoes, hair accessories, and jewlery! This woman does it all! AND she is a photographer! (no wonder we like her so much!). And we think that the talent runs in the family, because Lisa's daughter Gia is her featured model! And what a cutie she is!

Her clothing is not only beautiful, but affordable as well! All pieces are under $50!

And while you are looking at her website, check out her BLOG! You can do so, by fining her under the "Bella Buddies" area here on our blog, or by visiting

So Lisa, we tip our tiara to you sweetie! You are not only a wonderful designer, but an awesome mom, and a great friend!
If you or your group would like to be featured in this section, or if you would like to nominate someone for our "Tip Your Tiara" article, please email us at thedesigningwomen@yahoo.comPlease include an ebay ID or Website Link, as well as a first name and contact information!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

And The Winner is................

We are so excited to be announcing the winner of our Grand Opening Prize Drawing!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

WHOO what a fun party! I have met so many new people!! Its awesome!

We thought it would be fun to post the answers to our Truth and Lies Game, and give a new game for you to play! :)


TRUE!!!1.) I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 8.5 months along.
LIE!!!2.) I once cooked dinner for President George W. Bush, when he was Governor of Texas.
TRUE!!!3.) I didn't get my license until I was 20.

Ok, now I know everyone will be asking, how did I not know I was pregnant until I was 8.5 months along!! So let me tell you! When I was a teenager, I was a very avid dancer! I danced about 17 hours a day and was very skinny! But I shattered my growth plate in my ankle and had to stop dancing, but I kept eating everything I wanted! So I gained a ton of weight, thinking it was because I was eating bad, but really it was that on top of being Pregnant! And those of you that are dancers know that you dont get a period very often when you are that active! So thats how I didnt know! I acutally found out when I went to a check up at my OBGYN because I was feeling "Off" lol! And 2 weeks later, I had my daughter! :)

And now for TERRY!!

LIE!!!1.) I speak fluent Spanish.
TRUE!!!2.) When the
UT tower shootings happened, I was only a few blocks away at the time.
TRUE!!!3.) I met President Nixon at his Innauguration in Washington DC while I was in college.

And yes, I REALLY did meet Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew at that innauguration! :) My parents got me in because they were good friends with Lyndon Johnson!



This is a Search and Find IN OUR BLOG!!

Search through the blog to find the answers!

1.) Who was the First "Tip Your Tiara" Designer ever featured?

2.) What did Lagan find on the Tree at Christmas?

3.)How many entries did we say we received in our Model Search?

I'll be posing the answers later this week!! Have fun Blogging! :)

We're Open!!!

Thats right! has opened its doors! We are so excited to be releasing our Spring/Summer 2007 Line! So come and check it out! Join us for Shopping, Chat, and PRIZES!!!

--Nikki and Terry

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Its a Blog PARTAY!!! WHOO HOO!!

Hey All you Bloggers! I am so excited that the ultimate blog party is here! For those of you that have no clue what Im talking about, click here to get started! 5 minutes for mom has made a wonderful venture for all bloggers to check out other's blogs, and get to know more people in the blogging community!

For those of you that have stumbled into my blog, let me tell you more about us!

Thats right, I said "US". Acutally my mom and I share this blog, because we both own a business together. So will start with me (Nikki)!

I am a work-at-home-mom, and I have one daughter who is 5! I design childrens clothing through my website (the website will be opening next week!!) , and also through ebay (im having a HUGE sample sale right now!). My hobbies include photography, which I have really only picked up in the last year. I also love to cook, my previous life was as a chef. I have a degree in culinary arts from LeCordon Bleu Paris. And once upon a time, I was a private chef to the rich and famous here in Texas! I love what I do, and hope to continue to create and rise to the top for a long time!

and now for my mom:

"Hi, my name is Terry and I am a work-at-home-grandmom! I design clothing with my daughter, Nikki for our company, Ragazza Bella, also known as RBcouture. I have two daughters of my own, Nikki and Brittany, as well as one granddaughter, and I am also married to a firefighter, Scott! My hobbies include, checking out the latest fashion magazines, shopping for unusual fabrics, and being with my wonderful family! I was a preschool teacher in my previous life, and love that I have found a new outlet to be around children, without having to bend down so much! lol"


And now, I thought we would play a little game that I saw on my friend Sarah's Blog. Its called Truth and Lies! (I think its also in Memoires of a Geshia! MY FAVE movie!) I will put two things that are true and one that is a lie, and you get to guess which is the lie! Good Luck!!

Nikki's Truths and Lie:

1.) I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 8.5 months along.

2.) I once cooked dinner for President George W. Bush, when he was Governor of Texas.

3.) I didn't get my license until I was 20.

Terry's Truths and Lie:

1.) I speak fluent Spanish.

2.) When the UT tower shootings happened, I was only a few blocks away at the time.

3.) I met President Nixon at his Innauguration in Washington DC while I was in college.

Alright! Thats it, thanks for stopping by, and please leave a comment or two! We cant wait to get to know all of you!!!

--Nikki and Terry

Thursday, March 1, 2007

I just had to share this Blog that my good friend Morgan shared with me! Its called The Decorated House and it is AMAZING! The Lady who owns it shows how she has redesigned her house, especially her Kitchen which I am IN LOVE with!! And since we are in the process of re-decorating our house to get it ready for sale, I am totally into anything that will give me good ideas! Her style is so like mine, very shabby chic meets French Country! Just beautiful! Check out her older posts about her hand painted rugs! They are stunning! I have always wanted to do that! Also her green dining room! The celing alone is a masterpiece! So if you are decorating, or even thinking about decorating your house, even remodeling, then check out The Decorated House! You wont be sorry!!