Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Music is Back!!!

Yay! We have music again! As usual, we will be changing it every week (hopefully!) so you dont get too bored! If you ever have a request, just let us know! :)

--The Gazza Girls

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Freshening Up....

We are so excited to have a new look! We have been working the last few weeks to establish a new look for our Fall line that is Funky and Vintage!

How do you think we did? hehe
Nikki also re-decorated her blog, you can check it out here.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Hint #2........

OK, so its time for Hint #2......

You may (or may not) have noticed that no longer has a website attached to it............

DON'T PANIC!! It will be back, but that is part of Hint #2! Any guesses?

We had some really good ones from the last hint...they were close...but no cigar! :)

And we promised we would have some model news, so not to keep anyone in too much anticipation, we will uncover that news! As you all know we did a model search a few months ago, and chose some VERY talented models!

Well, we decided to add another design set to the Fall/Winter '07 line...and in order to do that, we needed yet another model!

So being the AWESOME friend she is, Ms.Lisa of Iza Bella is letting us use beautiful Gia as our Model for this new line!
So Welcome, Miss Gia, to Ragazza Bella! We are so happy to have her!
Well that's all for this weeks Hint.....Stay tuned for Hint #3!!!
--Nikki and Terry

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day 3......Detailing

Today we added all of the special details we have been collecting for Lagan's room! Its so fun to see it all coming together. We only have to hang the curtains and put up her toy organizer and then we will be DONE!! YAY! hehehe

So here are some photos (so sorry for the poor quality!) of all the deails...first...who can have a "frog princess" room without a frog?!

Her bedside table......used to be natural wood, but we painted it black and distressed it!

This is the lamp from Lagan's Crib Bedding set! Nikki made the lamp shade by wrapping 10 yards of gingham ribbon around it and securing it with hot glue!
And her Eiffel Tower Brittany brought back to her from and antique shop in Paris, Texas.

Nikki made this flower arrangement from Lagan's "Old" room, but it still works, so we kept it!
And the dress form was a steal at Hobby lobby for HALF OFF!! It was only $5.00!!!

Lagan's Caricature from Fiesta Texas! SOOOOOO her!

"The Throne" true! hehe Recognize the bookshelf?!

This was a vision we had last month and it came true! We just love it! Nikki took the pictures then matted them with scrapbooking paper. Hung on the wall with faux ribbon holders and Iron Bows from the garden section at Hobby Lobby (the large one was $2.50 and the small ones were $1.50!!!)

Brittany gave this to Lagan the other day and we LOVE it so much!

And now for the BIGGEST project in the room! This dresser was YELLOW when we got it!
We painted it a while back for the old "Paris" theme room. Here is its before..........

And here is out After:

I just LOVE this stencil! lol It finally broke on me when I was doing this project! Guess I have to spend another $10 bucks to get another one! lol

that's all for now, but we will have the last few projects done by the end of the week!
Thanks for looking!
OH!! P.S. Can anyone see Lagan's handy work on the video shelf?!?! lol

Friday, June 15, 2007

Day 2..........

Alright! We are half way there!

Day 2 we painted all of the walls in Lagan's room "Bonjour Brown". It is soooo pretty!

Anyway...we started the day by taping (YUCK) and we started paintng with "Ellegant Ecru" or something like that.......well, the result was the SAME color that was already on the walls before, just cleaner! lol
So after a mad dash to the Home Depot, Bonjour Brown was the result!
Here is our three paint colors at once. Number 1 was the original white, Number 2 was the second color of Ecru...then finally number three was the winner! ;)

Here is the Before and After shot for today:

Stay tuned for tomorrow with adding details to the room!
--Nikki and Terry

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And it starts.........

Lagans room makeover that is! We decided last month to re-decorate Lagan's room. She had a pink Paris poodle theme going on, and decided that wasn't cool anymore! lol So she saw a comforter at IKEA that she liked. So we bought it, and it has been our theme....."Vintage meets the Frog Prince(cess)" lol
Now this required some funds, so we sold all of hr Paris stuff to a wonderful mom from Craigslist for $120. We decided that would be the TOTAL budget, so we really gave ourselves a challenge!
Since we are working with a VERY limited budget, we decided to keep her furniture we already had and paint it. Then we would sew our own curtains and pillows to save money.
At the beginning of this week, we painted her furniture this LOVELY green tone.
Then we stenciled the front with Pink, and Nikki did something REALLY cool to the top of the dresser, which we cant reveal yet! (which is linked to HINT #1!!!)
So here are photos from the furniture re-do! :)

Like the color?!?!


We promise to share pics of the dresser soon!
Until next project.................

Monday, June 11, 2007

Hint #1...............

Ok everyone, so you may have noticed a new look on the Blog, and it is Hint Number 1 for our "Big News"!!
Can you guess what it is?!...........................

We will keep you on your toes for just a LITTLE while longer! We also have some MODEL news! And hints to the Spring Line!

Hang in there, we wont keep you guessing much longer!

Till next time!
--Nikki and Terry

Friday, June 8, 2007

Summer Already?! Sweet Serenity....NOT!!!!

We're Back!! Have you missed us?!?!

The Gazza Girls have been SO busy with life that we have neglected our blog for a few weeks! Please don't be mad!! hehe

We have been cooking up some AWESOME things! We cant wait to share everything!

But lets talk about whats been going on and why we haven't been here....
first, we have been working on the house and getting it ready to go on the market. This house is getting old, so it has a lot of work that needs to be done. We are giving the kitchen a complete makeover, painting the ENTIRE house, getting furniture ready to be staged, making art, printing photos, decorating for a name it, we're doing it! We are also doing the landscaping in the front and back yards! Yuck!

Nikki has been working hard because her photography has recently boomed and she is gone on a shoot almost every day! Thats awesome, but very time consuming! But we're not complaining AT ALL!!!

And Terry has been keeping the family together, making sure everyone is where they need to be when they need to be there! Shes such an awesome lady! ;) (we think we will keep her! hehe)

But coming up in the next few weeks, we have some BIG and I mean BBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGG news about the Ragazza Bella Brand, we also have a SUPER cool Taste Test Tuesday, and fun Tip your Tiara, and so much more!

But for now, we have a new song to listen to, so sit back, relax, and stay tuned! ;)
--Nikki and Terry