Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tip Your Tiara Issue #3

Welcome to The Tip Your Tiara Issue #3!

This week we are Tipping our Tiara's to a VERY special lady! She has Changed the ENTIRE Boutique Community! Her wonderful website brings everyone one step closer to designers than anyone ever has before! Thats right, Im talking about DARIA from Boutique Cafe!!

Since its Launch in September of 2005, Boutique Cafe has offered Designers and Buyers alike a chance to get out there and get known on a whole different level! People say that they feel as if they "know" these designers because now they can put a voice to a face! Its a very cool experience!

She has interviewed some of Ebay's TOP sellers and Models! From Sophie and Lark, Tons of Groups and their members, MANY talented designers, photographers, and even celebrities! And, Yours Truly! We have actually appeared on Boutique Cafe THREE times and counting! We just LOVE chatting with Daria! And even though there are months between our conversations, We always feel as though we are chatting with an old friend! She is just wonderful!

If you have never checked out Boutique Cafe (WHERE ARE YOU LIVING?!) then simply travel on over to and listen to a pod cast or two!

There is also a WONDERFUL Chat Forum where you can hook up with other talented mommies and chat about real life, business, and all things Couture!

You can always find us chatting in the Hot Moms Section! :)

So this week we Tip our Tiaras to you DARIA!!! You have truly inspired so many people, and you continue to use your talent, whit, and charm to bring us the latest news in all things Boutique, and you always leave us wanting a refill on our Cup of Couture! ;) Cheers!
OH!!! And if you want to hear the girls from Ragazza Bella on Boutique Cafe, simply click one of the links below for our shows!!
12 Days of Christmas (11-27-05):
Valentines Day (2-14-06):
12 Days of Christmas Season 2 (11-28-06):


Daria - Boutique Cafe said...

You girls are the sweetest! Thank you so much for your kind words, this was a huge surprise and it made me cry. I'm so touched.


Anonymous said...

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