Sunday, February 10, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Hey Everyone! WOW! We are officially terrible bloggers! lol
Everytime I go log in to Gourmet Momma to make a new post, I think that I need to update this blog, but obviously I havn't done that! lol
So I thought I would give an update for everyone!

Lagan is loving life with her missing tooth! And the one next to it is getting looser by the day! So we might have another tooth post soon! :) She just LOVES reading all the comments everyone left for her! So thank you to everyone that did that!
She decided to use her money (along with some stashed away birthday money) to buy a bratz fashion designer kit! Very cool!

We also have several designs ready to list, but we can't list yet because we are overwhelmed with custom orders and ebay orders! So they should be up in the next few weeks! :)

And if you didn't see the expressive style blog, we are patiently waiting for our new computer!
Our old computer's mother board crashed, so we had to get a new one! So it is at the shop right now getting the memory from the old computer put in the new one! I am really hoping it will be back by tomorrow so we can get back to work! This laptop is so slow, its like waiting for Christmas! lol

Until then, I hope everyone has a great week, and we will try to be better bloggers! :)

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