Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Taste Test Tuesday: Dark Chocolate Edition!

You read it right, its Dark Chocolate day at Taste Test Tuesday!! YUMMMM!!! Not only is Dark Chocolate super yummy, but its good for your heart! And a little chocolate never hurt anyone, right?!

So this is a long addition because we had to sample every type of dark chocolate there was at the store!! So hold on, its going to be a fun ride.........

First up is Godiva's new product, a chocolate drink called Belgian Blends! We decided to try the "Dark chocolate Mocha". This drink has a VERY strong espresso flavor, topped off with silky dark chocolate! REALLY good!!

The second drink...Hersheys Dark Chocolate Syrup. This chocolate syrup wasn't so good in our opinion. The aftertaste is not very pleasant....we say stick to the original!

Moving on to candy bars!!!
Dove brand Dark Chocolate: smooth finish, very dark flavor! A+
Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate: great little squares to have on hand! Light flavor. A++
Dark Chocolate KitKats (limited edition): Little sharper than a regular kitkat, but good none the less! B+
Dark Chocolate Reeses (limited edition): What can we say, its dark chocolate and peanut butter....does it get any better?! A+
Dark Chocolate Snickers (limited edition): WOW! like dark chocolate heaven wrapped around a snickers! A++
Dark Chocolate M&M's: the perfect improvement on an M&M! A-
Hersheys Special Dark Kisses: a good simi-sweet flavor. Great for on the go chocolate fix! A
Hersheys Special Dark Bars: wonderful to have a piece to just melt in your mouth! B+
Hersheys EXTRA dark: I have no more words! hehehe True Dark Chocolate, the way it was ment to be! A+++++

So now that we are buzzing on chocolate, we are going to take a break! But go out and buy some of these awesome chocolates and have your fill today!!!


Britt said...

YUCK! Where's the milk chocolate? LOL Oh, & where's your announcement that you dragged your sis into blogging and everyone needs to go check it out?!! hehe Love you!

Faux Tography said...

Im working on it!! ;) And Milk Chocolate?! Puleeeeeezzzzzzzzz! hehehe

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Susan said...

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh! My favorite topic...dark chocolate! Thanks for this post...now I have to go find that Godiva drink - yum!