Friday, January 4, 2008


Yay! We made it to 2008! HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
We are so excited about this year and have already started on the newest designs for RBcouture and Ragazza Bebe! What a crazy year 2007 was...we hope 2008 brings just as much joy!
There is so much in the works over here, so you better not blink, or you will miss it! :)
First, we have TWO...that's right, two launches in January! The sneak peaks will be added on here in a minute! We also have new sets on the way to the models, lots of exciting news about the RB brand, and much, much more!
it seems like nothing has been getting done around our house though because we are re-decorating to sell it! Doesn't that seem so odd? You have to completely re-decorate your house to sell it! lol Take down all the photos and add art, repaint, add new furniture, take out the old, etc. It's just total madness! But its finally starting to come together and we rather like it!
So we hope everyone had a great new year, and that this year blesses you and your families as much as it already has blessed ours! :)
Nikki and Terry

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