Friday, January 4, 2008

Sneak Peaks

So as promised in the previous post, we wanted to share some sneak peaks at whats to come for the spring line of Ragazza Bella.

Well, first, this is something we have never done before. Our models from our 2007 line will be Incorporated with our models for 2008 for our Spring line! That means that you will be seeing some new faces, as well as some familiar ones all during spring! :) We also will have some special sets made and modeled by our new group of models for our retail store line......Whoops...did I say that out loud?! :) More on that later...........
So I know we mentioned these two incredible launches we are doing this month, and we couldn't be more pleased to be with such wonderful people with such awesome talent and fun launches!

The first launch we will be doing is with the girls of Dolly Lane! This is an Easter launch that will start on the 14th! :) Check out our sneak peak...yeah! that's all you get! :)
And our second launch will be with the Amazing girls of Vende Mia! We could not be more excited or honored to be launching with this group of ladies! :)
This launch will be on the 22nd!
Here is that sneak peak....
We're mean right? lol
Well, that's all you get until the launches go live, so don't miss it!

Terry and Nikki

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~Marla~ said...

What a tease ;)
The fabric looks beautiful.