Friday, August 3, 2007

The Power of Four

My Friend Carole has appointed me the task of telling 4 things about me through a few questions! This was so much fun Carole, thanks!! :)

Four Jobs I Have Had:

Long John Silvers Cashier (when I was like 17!!)
Loan Assistant at a Bank
Pre-School Teacher

Four Films I Can Watch Over & Over:

Double Jeopardy (Love Ashley Judd!)
Premonition (LOVE Sandra Bullock!)
Bye Bye Birdy!
Grease (OH!! LOVE John Travolta!)

Four Places I have lived:

San Antonio, Texas
Washington DC
Huge Brick house I grew up in
My little cottage I live in now (but soon to be up for sale!!!!)

Four Favorite TV shows:

Court TV (Psychic Detectives and Forensic Files are my FAVE!!)
Anything on HGTV (LOVE Designed to Sell)
Rachel Ray and Oprah Tie!

Four Favorite Foods:

Baked Potatoes
Peanut Butter
A Big Fat Juicy Steak, Medium Rare! MMMM.......

Four Websites I visit every day:

Yahoo for Email
My Bank's Website! (gotta make sure Im covered for all my Fabric purchases)

Four Places I Would Love To Be:

New York
New York
New York
New York (dang, that was a hard one!)

Four Favorite Colors:

Sea Foam Green
Burnt Yellow

Four Names You Love But Would/Could Not Use For Your Child:


Now I have to tag 4 more people, but I dont know 4 people, so I will tag as many as I can! hehe
First is my daughter Brittany! Second is my other Daughter Nikki! (darn thats all my relatives!)
Then Bobbie and Lisa! :)

Hey!! Look at that! I DO know 4 people! :)

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carole said...

Way to go Terri! I've missed hearing from you since BC chat closed. I have never seen Premonition or Double Jeopardy-so next I am just staring at the videos on the shelf wondering which to get -I'll have 2 new options! Have a great weekend and thanks for playing along with me!