Friday, August 24, 2007

Where are the Gazza Girls?!

Alright, so we have neglected our blog lately! But its all for a good reason!
We have been spending tons of time with Lagan because she starts KINDERGARTEN on Monday! we got to meet her new teacher today, unpack school supplies, and see whats for lunch! hehe
Her student teacher even said, "Wow! Look at your outfit! Its all about the clothes isnt it?!" She even asked if Lagans outfit came in a "Big Girl" size! lol too cute! I wish it was one of ours, but it was just some Target stuff from the "Yes" Brand!

Does Anyone else love this brand as much as we do??!? Gosh! I think its adorable! You can check out all of their stuff here!

I could just buy the ENTIRE fall line from them, and Im sure I will , Lagan just loves their "fashion" as she calls it!

So anyway, we will be back in a few days with a new set, some more boutique news, and more chat! Everyone have a great week!!!

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