Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Do you have a fabric obsession?

We certainly do! And that has led to hundreds of yards of un-used fabric in our studio!!

So we are clearing out tons of this fabric and you can get your happy little hands on it!

All of the fabric is priced at $3.00 a yard!! WHAT A STEAL!! The prices are listed on all of the pictures, so you can see how much it is!

If you are interested in anything you can comment on this post or email us at thedesigningwomen@yahoo.com

to see all the fabric up for grabs, just CLICK HERE!!
(this link will be updated every time a fabric sells!!)


Summer said...

yes, I have a fabric addiction, no need to help it out. Actually some of those fq are my favs. ;) he-he

Brenda said...

The password for your PB isn't letting me log in to view?!?!