Saturday, March 3, 2007

Its a Blog PARTAY!!! WHOO HOO!!

Hey All you Bloggers! I am so excited that the ultimate blog party is here! For those of you that have no clue what Im talking about, click here to get started! 5 minutes for mom has made a wonderful venture for all bloggers to check out other's blogs, and get to know more people in the blogging community!

For those of you that have stumbled into my blog, let me tell you more about us!

Thats right, I said "US". Acutally my mom and I share this blog, because we both own a business together. So will start with me (Nikki)!

I am a work-at-home-mom, and I have one daughter who is 5! I design childrens clothing through my website (the website will be opening next week!!) , and also through ebay (im having a HUGE sample sale right now!). My hobbies include photography, which I have really only picked up in the last year. I also love to cook, my previous life was as a chef. I have a degree in culinary arts from LeCordon Bleu Paris. And once upon a time, I was a private chef to the rich and famous here in Texas! I love what I do, and hope to continue to create and rise to the top for a long time!

and now for my mom:

"Hi, my name is Terry and I am a work-at-home-grandmom! I design clothing with my daughter, Nikki for our company, Ragazza Bella, also known as RBcouture. I have two daughters of my own, Nikki and Brittany, as well as one granddaughter, and I am also married to a firefighter, Scott! My hobbies include, checking out the latest fashion magazines, shopping for unusual fabrics, and being with my wonderful family! I was a preschool teacher in my previous life, and love that I have found a new outlet to be around children, without having to bend down so much! lol"


And now, I thought we would play a little game that I saw on my friend Sarah's Blog. Its called Truth and Lies! (I think its also in Memoires of a Geshia! MY FAVE movie!) I will put two things that are true and one that is a lie, and you get to guess which is the lie! Good Luck!!

Nikki's Truths and Lie:

1.) I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 8.5 months along.

2.) I once cooked dinner for President George W. Bush, when he was Governor of Texas.

3.) I didn't get my license until I was 20.

Terry's Truths and Lie:

1.) I speak fluent Spanish.

2.) When the UT tower shootings happened, I was only a few blocks away at the time.

3.) I met President Nixon at his Innauguration in Washington DC while I was in college.

Alright! Thats it, thanks for stopping by, and please leave a comment or two! We cant wait to get to know all of you!!!

--Nikki and Terry


Crystal said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

I checked out the website in your profile, and your designs looks so cool! I wish I had a little daughter I could buy some stuff like that for. Maybe someday. ;)

I think it's neat that we are both in business with our mothers. And you have a degree fron LeCordon Bleu in Paris?? I'm impressed!

Ok, my guesses would be:

For Nikki: #1
For Terry: #3

My first jewelry contest is underway, so stop back by if you'd like. :)

Christy said...

Thanks for stopping by my party!

I'm going to guess #1 is the lie for both of you!

Off to check out your designs...

Ragazza Bella Couture said...

Oh this is SO much fun checking out other people's blogs! thanks so much for stopping by ladies!

I will post the REAL truth's and lies at the end of the week, so make sure to stop by again! :)


PamperingBeki said...

Wow, you have me stumped!!!

Fun game though. :)

Happy partying!

CreativeOutletDesigns said...

Hey, hey! the gazza girls throw a great party!!!

I am totally stumped on the truth and lies thing! I would never put anything past you Nikki! I think you have done ALOT so..... I can't figure you out! LOL!!!

thanks for stopping by my party! Can't wait to meet up with both of you in SLC!!!

Ribbon Rock Star said...

Just poppin' by to say Hi!


#1 is my guess for the lie!


Shelli said...

Stopping by from the party to say HI! Great to meet you! Thanks for swinging by my blog too. :)

Just Being Me said...

Hi there I stopped by for the party. I like the idea of a mom and daughter blog - yours is the first I've seen.

No 1 for both is my guess.

Ribbon Rock Star said...

DUH I did not guess the second one!

I will guess #3 for Terri!


Carrie said...

thanks for stopping by! always love meeting texas gals - we rock!

i'm going to go check your ebay sale out too.

here's my shot at your truth and lies game....

i think nikki cooked dinner for george dubya, and terry was a few blocks away from the ut shootings.

how'd i do?

Carrie said...

oops - i see now that there are 2 truths....

ok, nikki also got her license at 20 years old (because how can you not know you're 8.5 months pregnant!!???)

and terry speaks fluent spanish.

so there! great to meet you ladies!

Amydeanne said...

no fair!!! too many fun things!! and links! I'm dizzy wanting to look at them all! :) Going to check out your clothing right now!!!

~Following the Ultimate Party Trail (I may be slow, but eventually I'll get to the end!)
~Don't forget to check out the party favors at the 160!

Monkey Giggles said...

Swinging in for the party!!!
Nice to meet ya.

My 3rd party favor give away has begun. When ya get a chance come on over.


Brandie said...

Hello! So nice to stop by ...
I already read the answers to your game ... I can NOT imagine not knowing I was pregnant until 8.5 months! But I always found out mega-early and so I knew for about 8.5 I was pregnant LOL!
Your designs are gorgeous =) Good luck with it all!