Tuesday, March 6, 2007

WHOO what a fun party! I have met so many new people!! Its awesome!

We thought it would be fun to post the answers to our Truth and Lies Game, and give a new game for you to play! :)


TRUE!!!1.) I didn't know I was pregnant until I was 8.5 months along.
LIE!!!2.) I once cooked dinner for President George W. Bush, when he was Governor of Texas.
TRUE!!!3.) I didn't get my license until I was 20.

Ok, now I know everyone will be asking, how did I not know I was pregnant until I was 8.5 months along!! So let me tell you! When I was a teenager, I was a very avid dancer! I danced about 17 hours a day and was very skinny! But I shattered my growth plate in my ankle and had to stop dancing, but I kept eating everything I wanted! So I gained a ton of weight, thinking it was because I was eating bad, but really it was that on top of being Pregnant! And those of you that are dancers know that you dont get a period very often when you are that active! So thats how I didnt know! I acutally found out when I went to a check up at my OBGYN because I was feeling "Off" lol! And 2 weeks later, I had my daughter! :)

And now for TERRY!!

LIE!!!1.) I speak fluent Spanish.
TRUE!!!2.) When the
UT tower shootings happened, I was only a few blocks away at the time.
TRUE!!!3.) I met President Nixon at his Innauguration in Washington DC while I was in college.

And yes, I REALLY did meet Richard Nixon and Spiro Agnew at that innauguration! :) My parents got me in because they were good friends with Lyndon Johnson!



This is a Search and Find IN OUR BLOG!!

Search through the blog to find the answers!

1.) Who was the First "Tip Your Tiara" Designer ever featured?

2.) What did Lagan find on the Tree at Christmas?

3.)How many entries did we say we received in our Model Search?

I'll be posing the answers later this week!! Have fun Blogging! :)

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