Friday, June 15, 2007

Day 2..........

Alright! We are half way there!

Day 2 we painted all of the walls in Lagan's room "Bonjour Brown". It is soooo pretty!

Anyway...we started the day by taping (YUCK) and we started paintng with "Ellegant Ecru" or something like that.......well, the result was the SAME color that was already on the walls before, just cleaner! lol
So after a mad dash to the Home Depot, Bonjour Brown was the result!
Here is our three paint colors at once. Number 1 was the original white, Number 2 was the second color of Ecru...then finally number three was the winner! ;)

Here is the Before and After shot for today:

Stay tuned for tomorrow with adding details to the room!
--Nikki and Terry

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CreativeOutletDesigns said...

fun fun!!! can't wait to see some details!