Sunday, June 17, 2007

Day 3......Detailing

Today we added all of the special details we have been collecting for Lagan's room! Its so fun to see it all coming together. We only have to hang the curtains and put up her toy organizer and then we will be DONE!! YAY! hehehe

So here are some photos (so sorry for the poor quality!) of all the deails...first...who can have a "frog princess" room without a frog?!

Her bedside table......used to be natural wood, but we painted it black and distressed it!

This is the lamp from Lagan's Crib Bedding set! Nikki made the lamp shade by wrapping 10 yards of gingham ribbon around it and securing it with hot glue!
And her Eiffel Tower Brittany brought back to her from and antique shop in Paris, Texas.

Nikki made this flower arrangement from Lagan's "Old" room, but it still works, so we kept it!
And the dress form was a steal at Hobby lobby for HALF OFF!! It was only $5.00!!!

Lagan's Caricature from Fiesta Texas! SOOOOOO her!

"The Throne" true! hehe Recognize the bookshelf?!

This was a vision we had last month and it came true! We just love it! Nikki took the pictures then matted them with scrapbooking paper. Hung on the wall with faux ribbon holders and Iron Bows from the garden section at Hobby Lobby (the large one was $2.50 and the small ones were $1.50!!!)

Brittany gave this to Lagan the other day and we LOVE it so much!

And now for the BIGGEST project in the room! This dresser was YELLOW when we got it!
We painted it a while back for the old "Paris" theme room. Here is its before..........

And here is out After:

I just LOVE this stencil! lol It finally broke on me when I was doing this project! Guess I have to spend another $10 bucks to get another one! lol

that's all for now, but we will have the last few projects done by the end of the week!
Thanks for looking!
OH!! P.S. Can anyone see Lagan's handy work on the video shelf?!?! lol


PamperingBeki said...

it looks so cute! I love the frog prince theme.

Amelia said...

Awe sweet new crib! ;o)


Jessica said...

Love you daughters new room!! The frog with the crown is too cool!

I added you to my blog, hope you dont mind!