Monday, June 18, 2007

Hint #2........

OK, so its time for Hint #2......

You may (or may not) have noticed that no longer has a website attached to it............

DON'T PANIC!! It will be back, but that is part of Hint #2! Any guesses?

We had some really good ones from the last hint...they were close...but no cigar! :)

And we promised we would have some model news, so not to keep anyone in too much anticipation, we will uncover that news! As you all know we did a model search a few months ago, and chose some VERY talented models!

Well, we decided to add another design set to the Fall/Winter '07 line...and in order to do that, we needed yet another model!

So being the AWESOME friend she is, Ms.Lisa of Iza Bella is letting us use beautiful Gia as our Model for this new line!
So Welcome, Miss Gia, to Ragazza Bella! We are so happy to have her!
Well that's all for this weeks Hint.....Stay tuned for Hint #3!!!
--Nikki and Terry


Amelia said...

The new look here is SO cute!!!


The Mommy Designer said...

We are SO happy to be modeling for you are the BEST!!!


Ragazza Bella Couture said...

No, Lisa, your the BEST! hehe We love you and Gia so much and couldnt be happier that we will be working with both of you! :)