Wednesday, June 13, 2007

And it starts.........

Lagans room makeover that is! We decided last month to re-decorate Lagan's room. She had a pink Paris poodle theme going on, and decided that wasn't cool anymore! lol So she saw a comforter at IKEA that she liked. So we bought it, and it has been our theme....."Vintage meets the Frog Prince(cess)" lol
Now this required some funds, so we sold all of hr Paris stuff to a wonderful mom from Craigslist for $120. We decided that would be the TOTAL budget, so we really gave ourselves a challenge!
Since we are working with a VERY limited budget, we decided to keep her furniture we already had and paint it. Then we would sew our own curtains and pillows to save money.
At the beginning of this week, we painted her furniture this LOVELY green tone.
Then we stenciled the front with Pink, and Nikki did something REALLY cool to the top of the dresser, which we cant reveal yet! (which is linked to HINT #1!!!)
So here are photos from the furniture re-do! :)

Like the color?!?!


We promise to share pics of the dresser soon!
Until next project.................


Seeker said...

now, that is cute! I adore that shade of green!!!

Ragazza Bella Couture said...

oh! us too! I see you have been having green issues too! When we first painted it, the color we picked was like NEON but it didnt look like it on the paint swatch! lol

So this was try number 2! LOVE it! ;)