Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Toothfairy Time!

That's right! Lagan has lost her FIRST tooth!! She was so excited! The little tooth became wiggly about a week ago, and today it got VERY wiggly, so she asked mommy to pull it! EEEWWW!!! That was totally gross! But she pulled through and only cried after it came out! And now she has a lovely "window" to stick her tongue through, eat mashed potatoes through, and show off to everyone around! We're so proud! hehe

But we had to write a letter to the tooth fairy telling her not to come until TOMORROW because she wants to show her tooth to her class tomorrow! :) The tooth fairy is holding on to a crisp new $5.00 bill! :)


Isabel Inspired Designs said...

Aw and what a cutie she is with her first missing tooth Nikki!
Isabel has her first one loose too, the same one actually. :) She bit her brother on his jeans tonight, ugh, and bent it backwards but didn't lose it. She is anxiously awaiting the tooth fairy too.

Kate said...

Too cute! How exciting! :)

Ragazza Bella Couture said...

hehe Lesa! Thats too funny! Lagan's was super loose, but I think it could have stayed in a few more days, but she REALLY wanted me to pull it! So I did! hehe

She took it to school today, so Im sure shes very excited about tonight!!

Amy said...

Nikki - how sweet. My oldest is anxiously awaiting a loose tooth - non yet!


Anonymous said...

Oh My Lord! My sweetie is the same age as Lagen and has lost 4 teeth already. She should pull two more but hates it! She got her first at 4 months old, maybe that is why she is loosing them early.

Ragazza Bella Couture said...

good grief! 4 months?! I have never heard of a baby getting their teeth so eary! You poor momma!!! lol
Im sure thats why shes loosing them so much! :)

Willow Tree said...

Lagan congrats on looseing your first tooth!
ROFL at the letter to postpone the toothfairies arrival:)

Sonya said...

Wow, our tooth fairy is CHEAP!! My 6 year old just lost his first tooth about 2 weeks ago. He got a dollar. He was so excited:) Congratulations!!

Princess said...

How cute!! I like her name too Lagan, Its very unique!