Wednesday, April 18, 2007

5-minutes to Beauty!

Ok, so I know it sounds like a farse, but its not! I know that most moms have a hard time getting ready in the morning and want a fresh natural look in less than 5 min.

Well, I watched a show from Tyra Banks a few months ago, and it popped up in a search earlier today. It was all about how to apply your makeup in less than 5 minutes!!! How awesome is that? Now, before I share the video, let me tell you everything that you will need to do this......

--Conceler (from a pot or a stick)
--Foundation (from a stick or a compact)
--Loose Powder: 2 shades, 1 in your natural skin shade, and one that is 2 shades too light for you!
--Blush in a natural tone
--Medium Brown Eyeshadow (yes, everyone can wear brown!)
--Lipstick in a natural shade close to your lips
--White Eyeliner

Tools that you will need:
--Triangle Sponges
--Powder Brush
--Blush Brush
--Large Eye Shadow Brush
And dont forget the back of your hand and WATER!!! (watch the video to see what I mean)

Here is Part One, basically just your face:

Here is Part Two, your eyes and lips:

I know the video's are more than 5 minutes, but she has to talk through everything and show people, but trust me, it is very fast and super easy, and you will look FABULOUS!

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