Monday, April 9, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things!

No, Im not gonna burst into song! lol
I just thought I would share some of my favorite things! Sitting here at my computer, bored, and blogging (BAD combo for late night munchies! lol) has brought my attention to the most amazing chips I have ever eaten!!
I LOVE to get cracked pepper chips and douse them in dill pickel juice! lol I know, Im weired! well, I came upon something at the store that changed my life today! Lay's Dill Pickel Potato Chips! All I have to do is crack some pepper into the bag and give it a good shake, and MAN its some good eatin'!

Next is my coffee! I acutally think its the creamer that makes it good! I LOVE coffee creamer! I love to try all the new seasonal flavors! I dont get hooked really easily, so its easy for me to swich to a new flavor! My two top picks right now are the Spring Flavors from International Delight! They are: Cinnamon Caramel Custard and Almond Vanilla Parfait. Both AWESOME! I also love the White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (also seasonal). Very nutty and smooth! I am also looking at some from Coffeemate in Coconut Crème and Vanilla Chai Spice! YUM!

And finally....whats a cracker without laughing cow cheese? These are awesome on black pepper triscuts! (are you seeing a trend here with the pepper thing? lol). And did I mention, They are HEALTHY?!?!?! Amazing, I know! lol
Tell me about some of your fave foods! ;) Cant wait to hear about it!


torirowland said...

Too funny! I am addicted to flaming hot cheetos and SWEET TEA!!! LOL! Love your blog! Adding you now to mine too!

Morgan said... you knew that already!

Ragazza Bella Couture said...

lol yeah! I sure did!! ;)

rhembein said...

I think I am a little overly jealous of the AWSOME creamer selection you guys have there! We have... oh like 4 flavors, from a different brand. BUT, I use it everyday, many times a day! YUM! Straight up Vanilla. Though I would LOVE the ones you menioned!

I ADORE Lays Dill chips, and might actually try some pepper on them. But you seem to have pepper on everything! LOL!

I am addicted to a good Gouda cheese with Blackberry Port (my fave one is currently sold out EVERYWHERE - sniff sniff) in the evening.

PS: I am addicted to chatting too! LOL!

PamperingBeki said...

Oh yeah!! The ONLY way to drink coffee is with loads of froo froo creamer. None of the plain black kind for me. :)

Ragazza Bella Couture said...

Sad I ran out of my Cinnamon Caramel Custard! Oh well...moving on.....hehe